Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hey guys,

Come join us this Saturday for our Fall I Am Kreyol Bazaar arts market. This season, we are partnering with ABCD to launch their "SAFER IS SEXY" campaign in an effort to make it trendy to talk about "safe sex" baby!! So, on October 12th, we are making it HAUTE!!!

Check out what's happening!!

WHERE? Erick Jean Center for the Arts, 157A Washington Street, Dorchester, MA

WHEN?  October 12th, 2013 at 4:00pm - 8:00pm

ARTISTS: Featuring Raheem Jamal Perkins, with some pieces by Tracey St-Phard and live art by the talented and deeply spirited, AnaSol

FILM & MUSIC: Tribute to music icon and activist, Fela Kuti, who died of AIDS. We will be playing the Documentary "Music is the Weapon" and his music throughout the event.

FASHION: Pieces by Kreyol

VENDORS: V-Anne Designs, Vanavain Vintage, Kele Arts, Haute House Designs, Mona Lisa, Kreyol, and more.

WHAT? FREE TESTING w/ rapid results in just 10 minutes will be available and a free tee-shirt for all of those who participate. So, come and be apart of this movement, and learn how to keep yourself  SEXY and SAFE!!!!

WHO? YOU!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!

Click HERE to check out the Bay State Banner and their great article on this event.


SO. We had to make it interesting!

Kreyol is about colors, patterns, lines and a clash of it all. For this preview we gave it all to you in Black and White. The silhouettes and textures were chic, but the colors and patterns? We're keeping those hush hush ;) So, for those who "think" they know what the line is going to look like next year... Baby, you have no idea.

Stay tuned peeps!!!

Make-up by Sparklle Thames

Earrings by "Juste Pour Toi" by Kaminor

Necklaces and bangles by V-Anne Designs by Sylvie Solomon

PHOTO CREDITS: Jessica Doricent of ExFailures


OH MAN!!! We had such an awesome time this summer working with the greatest, craziest team from "RHYTHM OF THE UNIVERSE" aka ROTU.

If you know me personally, than you know I complain (a lot) about the lack of artistic offerings and cultural shows in Boston. Well, this year Outside the Box was launched and featured a variety of musical, theatrical and dance events throughout the Boston Commons, and I enjoyed every minute of it!!!

For opening night, Kreyol partnered with ROTU to create all of the costuming for the dynamic ensemble of the "WELCOME TO EARTH" show. The experience itself was truly inspiring... working for months with this team to design, re-design, elevate and formulate characters in 3-d form was SO DOPE!! But, seeing it all come to life?? Now that was..... breathtaking!

Take a sneak peak...

More to come from Kreyol & ROTU ;)