Saturday, January 22, 2011


When I was a little girl, I used to sneak around to watch this video.
(shhhhh...Don't tell my mom)
It was SO ATTRACTIVE: beautiful people, sensuality, the colors were vibrant, the tempo, the sound was catchy... shot in a slow, captivating way & had me thinking about SEX.
No lie... I couldn't have been more than six/ seven years old....
This is still one of my favorite videos of all time!


SEX taps into the emotional, psychological, physiological being.  The visual stays in the brain & causes you to "feel". I can still remember how I felt watching this George Michael video at seven (over 20 years ago), and though the feeling is quite different these days- it still affects me on the inside part ;-)

The media utilizes sex to sell! It’s a marketing tactic that has been employed and exploited since the beginning of time and has only evolved and become more raunchy and overt as time has progressed. In this new millennium where people are exercising their right to free speech and self-expression, sex has become the norm on television, in music, the work force, and life in general...

Check out these celebrities and their before/ after shots

Sweet Mariah- a vision of love

Mimi's Bodacious Bod

Janet's innocent pleasure principle

Janet's roughing it up and out  (LOL)

RiRi's Pon de Replay- when her forehead was her biggest asset


Megan pre-Fox

Megan transformed

Let's face it...SEX IS HOT!
(In music, fashion, cinema)

And though I do not morally agree with the manipulation of sex & women as a whole, I fully acknowledge that the entertainment industry is a BUSINESS. They are in it to make money, not to do the right thing.
Let's be for real.
I commend artists who stay true to who they are; whether they are the good, wholesome girl next door, afro-centric diva, or a hot, sexy vixen. Every once in awhile, a borderline pornographic video or photoshoot will surface and the general public will be appalled and judge and pose questions such as, "what kind of an example are they to our children?" 
Here's the answer:
"they are not to be any kind of example to our children. WE ARE."

 I'm a mom & as such, it is my duty to monitor what my son is exposed to: to communicate what is wrong & right, to teach him to respect women. I was exposed to videos and pictures and music of explicit sexual content at a young age. (I had teenage uncles and aunts) BUT, at the same time, I had a mother that was down my throat every time I tried to breathe. She made sure there was no other option for me than to be GOOD. I had to evolve into a strong woman because of who SHE was.
We are simply products of our environment.

The problem is not SEX in the media.

It's that we are not taking the time to raise our children.

It is OUR responsibility to teach our girls to be ladies and our boys to RESPECT A LADY!



Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm not much for trends... In fact, I'm so stubborn & against the general brainwashing attempts mass media imparts on the human psyche, that for years I would only read two magazines; TRACE (my absolute favorite publication for all things fashion, music, creative & socially conscious related movements happening all over the world. No longer in production- which is so sad since there's nothing quite like it. I'd have to dedicate a whole blog- or five- to truly commemorate its greatness. So' let’s park it.) and Playboy, for the articles of course (wink!)  I’m not in the business of looking like anyone else but ME, so I try not to allow myself to be influenced by the calculated marketing tactics put forth to monopolize the fashion industry.


seems as if the trends are always catching up to me... BASTARDS!!!
Check out Miss Keri in her combat boots

a trend I've been rocking since my teenage years... back when baggy jeans & cross colors were the thing (YIKES! @ Cross colors...You see how trends got us looking like acid tripped out clowns right?! LOL) They are my signature look... the girliest tomboy: I will rock a pair of combats with skinny jeans, an evening gown, a bathing suit, my birthday suit (don't judge me). I wear them to work, parent/teacher rendezvous, to plant flowers, cook a meal, church, life changing events, chance occurrences... If I ever get to walk on the moon, they will be my space boots...Move over Buzz Aldrin!!

Some women need a freakum dress..
Give me a tall, vintage, worn out pair of combats & watch me 


Decide who you are & ROCK YOU LIKE NO ONE ELSE!!! 

Ri Ri & THE BOOTS... a love affair!

Equestrian meets Haute Couture

Nothing HOTTER than a clean cut guy in combats... rough around the edges

Sexy, effortless, girl next door, grunge look... my fav!



Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I don't like public restrooms... (shakes and grimaces in disgust) I cringe at the thought. But, after a long trip from NY to Boston yesterday, mastering my bladder control for course, I had no choice but to stop into the South Station bathroom and release myself.
I shut the stall's door, only to be greeted by this message:

"The primary and ultimate goal of any living thing is the reproduction and continuation of its species into the future. The only thing that saves US, humans, from the feeling that our lives are ultimately meaningless is the hope that something we do will out last us, will exist for our descendants. In the modern age, we are witnessing the destruction of just that, and thus, destroyed any meaning our human lives may have once held. This is because we have utterly destroyed the earth for our children and all to come, in our own selfish greed. DO SOMETHING because its nearly TOO LATE."

I pondered at this thought all night... Is it nearly too late?

In these last couple of weeks, we've observed a strange global phenomenon unfolding:
Dead organisms all over the world.

5,000 Blackbirds plummeted to their death in Arkansas
100,000 dead Drum Fish were also found along the Arkansas River
500 or more dead/wounded birds in Kentucky and Sweden
Two million dead Spot Croakers in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay
100 tons of Sardines, Catfish and other species floated dead on the shores of New Zealand and Brasil
40-45,000 Velvet Crabs dead along the sea coasts of Kent, England

Are we nearly too late?

Sounds like someone without FAITH/ without HOPE.

I am a Haitian woman; a portrait of resiliency, a descendent of royalty, honor, strength, glory.
I walk with my head high and my mind fixated on tomorrow.
I fight for my children. I work hard for their future.
And when injustice is done, I strap on my boots, grab my armor and prepare for battle.
I am the strongest woman in the world because MY FAITH IS UNYEILDING.

Today, January 12th, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people in Haiti and shook the world. A year later, not much has changed; temporary tent shelters have become permanent residences, food and water are still being distributed by aid, infrastructure remains buried under the rubble, governmental order is non-existent, combined with a ridiculous political election and a preventable Cholera outbreak... 

There are currently over 3,000 NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) operating in Haiti. They were all lining up for a piece of the pie, literally overnight, following the earthquake. I'm not against the help, but at what cost? And what the hell are they doing? Forgive me if I sound a bit off kilter, but I'm not one for being "Politically Correct". This earthquake was an open invitation for every greedy, well-dressed, articulate, blood-sucking pig out there- both internationals and Haitians. It ends up giving a bad rep to the organizations that are truly making a difference in the nation. But, with all the money and resources currently in hand, there was no reason why preventive measures were not taken to eliminate the outbreak of diseases, after the unsanitary disposal of all the desceased. The Cholera outbreak was avoidable if the proper steps were taken... I guess it's hard though. I mean how do you take the necessary actions when you're in meetings all day (talking instead of moving), stuck in traffic in your Range Rover, or eating the succulent meal your servant prepared... It’s hard out here for a PIMP.

US ARMY occupying a school in Damien (a structure that was not heavily impacted). While the students remained out of school two months after the earthquake, the soldiers played cards and frisbie. When asked why are they on Haitian soil, the answer was "they don't need us. The UN is fully capable of handling this disaster w/out us. We are not equiped to build and assist w/ relief efforts. The US Army is strictly a security measure. We only know how to blow shit up."

What is the answer? For this little girl who was dropped off to the neighborhood elders, by her dad, after her mother passed in the quake, what assurance can we offer her, and others like her, of better days ahead?

I can't promise her a better tomorrow. I'm not God. But, like the message on the bathroom stall confirmed, the ultimate goal in this life is to create a legacy that transcends generations, that out lives us. I'm going to change the world. I don't know how, that's unimportant at this time. But, I'm going to continue to dress for battle every day of my life and show up pour Ayiti.



Saturday, January 8, 2011


Jimmy Soul said it best, "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty girl your wife". HA! But, those pretty girls are so hard to resist... ;-) I mean look at this one...Michele Bennett, the ex-wife of Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, & one of my FAVORITE man-eaters. (I know... I know... Don't judge me!) We're not talking about politics here, we're talking about fashion, & when it came to style, this chic was the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Jackie O' couldn't touch Michele if she tried.

She was every little Haitian girl's "idea" of beautiful. The first woman, besides my mom, that I saw rock an oversized pair of shades- one of my favorite accessories in the 80s & still til this day. It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized the damage this woman had caused. Fly & all, her lavish shopping sprees were definitely at the expense of the Haitian people.


Michele was very present in the operations of the Governmental proceedings in Haiti, attending cabinet meetings & exercising her political power, mainly because her husband was incompetent & ill equipped to run a country. Having been named President for LIFE at 19 years old in April of 1971 (the youngest President in the world to date), Jean-Claude Duvalier's arrangement was the United States' way of moderating his father's, Papa Doc aka Francois Duvalier's, oppressive, tyrannical rule... In other words, Jean-Claude was a puppet. (What a shocker!)

I almost feel bad for the dude. Didn't even see it coming... Power at a young age, a hot, trophy wife that feeds into the high class lifestyle at any cost...

When they were exiled to France in February of 1986, the Duvaliers robbed the country blind. Leaving with millions in embezzled funds, they lived a bountiful life in their villa in the hills in Mougins, overlooking the Cannes. They would drive past the French Riviera in their Beamer and shop at expensive boutiques. They owned a chateau outside of Paris & two apartments in the city, while Haiti was being obliterated under militia rule.

 Political unrest has been constant ever since...

Years later, Jean Claude ends up broke & get this…Surprise! Surprise! She didn't stay with him after he became a nobody?!?! LOL! I guess it's true what they say:

Karma's a four legged dog & you can't expect to keep a fly wife if you're dumb, weak & poor...
Im saying.

 Be careful how you live your life folks.
We always reap what we sew!

Kinda mad Michele's still HOT as ever though! LOL!

Michele dancing with her son Nicholas Duvalier in July 2010 


Friday, January 7, 2011


YES YES YA'LL!! Before the Lady Gagas, Niki Minajs, Pinks, Rihannas, Aliyahs, Katy Perrys & Keri Hilsons of the world, there were these material girls: Madonna, Janet & Cyndi Lauper, three of my greatest fashion influences growing up & some BadAss chics!! These ladies represent a movement  that has paved the way for women in the entertainment realm, as well as society as a whole; creating a sense of empowerment, allowing their voices to be heard. They represent artistry , independence, strength, as well as sexual liberation. Even as the seasons change, their legacy continues to be carried on through amazing talents such as Kelis, Gwen Stefanie, The Noisettes...... It's Rock & Roll. It's Pop. It's R&B. It's music. It's Fashion. It's HAUTE! It's then. It's NOW! It's KREYOL!

Channel YOUR inner material girl with this KREYOL two piece sequin suit: 

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