Saturday, January 8, 2011


Jimmy Soul said it best, "If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty girl your wife". HA! But, those pretty girls are so hard to resist... ;-) I mean look at this one...Michele Bennett, the ex-wife of Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, & one of my FAVORITE man-eaters. (I know... I know... Don't judge me!) We're not talking about politics here, we're talking about fashion, & when it came to style, this chic was the epitome of sophistication and elegance. Jackie O' couldn't touch Michele if she tried.

She was every little Haitian girl's "idea" of beautiful. The first woman, besides my mom, that I saw rock an oversized pair of shades- one of my favorite accessories in the 80s & still til this day. It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized the damage this woman had caused. Fly & all, her lavish shopping sprees were definitely at the expense of the Haitian people.


Michele was very present in the operations of the Governmental proceedings in Haiti, attending cabinet meetings & exercising her political power, mainly because her husband was incompetent & ill equipped to run a country. Having been named President for LIFE at 19 years old in April of 1971 (the youngest President in the world to date), Jean-Claude Duvalier's arrangement was the United States' way of moderating his father's, Papa Doc aka Francois Duvalier's, oppressive, tyrannical rule... In other words, Jean-Claude was a puppet. (What a shocker!)

I almost feel bad for the dude. Didn't even see it coming... Power at a young age, a hot, trophy wife that feeds into the high class lifestyle at any cost...

When they were exiled to France in February of 1986, the Duvaliers robbed the country blind. Leaving with millions in embezzled funds, they lived a bountiful life in their villa in the hills in Mougins, overlooking the Cannes. They would drive past the French Riviera in their Beamer and shop at expensive boutiques. They owned a chateau outside of Paris & two apartments in the city, while Haiti was being obliterated under militia rule.

 Political unrest has been constant ever since...

Years later, Jean Claude ends up broke & get this…Surprise! Surprise! She didn't stay with him after he became a nobody?!?! LOL! I guess it's true what they say:

Karma's a four legged dog & you can't expect to keep a fly wife if you're dumb, weak & poor...
Im saying.

 Be careful how you live your life folks.
We always reap what we sew!

Kinda mad Michele's still HOT as ever though! LOL!

Michele dancing with her son Nicholas Duvalier in July 2010 



  1. Great Post! I always knew you had the gift for gab. You have a certain way w/ words. So informative, yet so entertaining! Much Blessings and Success to you and yours this year sistah!


  2. Same to you Farah... I am excited to see your music hit the masses this year... MUCH LOVE!